About Amy

11225078_10153216142994952_637329737886356146_nAs a doula and a mother, I believe that your birth experience will be one of the most memorable events of your life. I believe that it is very beneficial for moms and partners to receive all of the information required to make informed decisions throughout the birthing process. My philosophy is that “informed choice” leads to a positive birth experience. As your doula, I will provide you with the support, confidence, and care you need and deserve during your birth experience and throughout your first days and weeks as a new family!

From a young age I have had a great love and fascination for infants and young children. In 1998 I graduated from Holland College with a diploma in Early Childhood Education and followed this up in 2004 with a Bachelor of Applied Arts, Child and Youth Studies from Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, NS.  After graduation, I worked at a resource centre where I worked with new parents and I began to hear their birth stories.  Listening to women talk about their experiences, helped me realize my desire to help women have a satisfying and empowering, positive birth experience.  In the spring of 2008  I took my doula training through DONA International and from that day on, my experience and knowledge has grown; as has my love of being a birth doula.

Over the past four years I have had the privilege of witnessing not only the birth of lots of babies, but also the creation of new families.  I believe that every expecting mother deserves unconditional emotional, physical, and spiritual support throughout her pregnancy and labour. I take great pride in supporting women in their decisions about their pregnancy and the birth of their child. I help and encourage women to find their inner strength, and to have joyous and empowering births that will remain with them always.

Outside my life as a doula I love to cook, play ultimate frisbee, spend time at Chapter’s and to play with my little ones, Jasper and Fiona and loving husband, James.