Postpartum Doula Services

Postpartum doulas understand what everyone needs, and part of their role is to help the entire family adjust and settle in.” – DONA International

As an experienced postpartum doula, I can tell you with confidence that new families often find the first few days and weeks after bringing home a new baby to be both joyful and also extremely challenging! Even for experienced parents, having a newborn at home again means big changes and transitions for every single person in the family.

When we work together,I bring my years of experience supporting new families directly to you during the time when you and your family are most vulnerable. I help your family move through the postpartum period with confidence and grace. I bring a support plan customized to meet your family’s unique needs, that is easily modified as your situation changes. My expert support allows you to transition through the early days and weeks with less worry and less stress, supports both your physical and emotional recovery after childbirth and allows you and other family members to bond and connect with the new baby.

“…Amy put me right at ease and I felt very comfortable with her. She is easy-going but hardworking and very knowledgeable… she got right to work doing whatever I needed.” Leslie

After we decide to work together, a 30 minute planning meeting is scheduled in person or virtually, where I listen carefully to your values, concerns, needs and special circumstances. Having this information allows me to arrive for my first shift ready to jump in fully prepared to offer you exactly the type of support you will find useful right from the start.  This may include:

  • Help with physical recovery.   Taking care of you by bringing you food, your baby and anything else that you need.
  • Birth story processing. Debriefing, listening and with my 10 years experience as a birth doula may help explain situations or events.
  • Breastfeeding guidance.  Feeding, latching, creams, information and resources, anything to help you along your journey.
  • Assistance with using and cleaning breastpumps/pump parts.  I can guide you on how to use pumps, sterilize the pieces, and how to get more milk.
  • Baby laundry. Washing, folding and putting away is all in a days job.
  • Bottle preparation, feeding and clean-up.  Filling, cleaning, sterilizing and washing will be done before I leave.
  • Meal and snack preparation that meets your family’s specific dietary needs.  I will fill your fridge with lots of easy grab and go snacks as well as breakfast or lunch or supper.
  • Soothing techniques to expertly comfort and calm your newborn.  I can teach and guide parents for ways to soothe your baby or provide hands on help so you can shower/sleep/eat.
  • Instruction, guidance and support for newborn bathing, swaddling, safe sleep, diapering, babywearing, and infant care. Guiding new parents and teaching you how to do all of the above.
  • Supervising your newborn so you can sleep, shower, eat and spend time with other children or just connect with each other.  Doesn’t that all sound lovely!
  • Light housekeeping.  Loading dishwasher, wiping counters, putting away groceries, stocking diaper stations and anything that I think would help your day go smoothly.
  • Pet care.  Feeding, letting in and out, and sweeping up hair!
  • Customized referrals to amazing community professionals.  If the answer is outside my scope of practice I can connect you to lots of amazing community supports.
  • Evidence-based information and best practice resources that answer your questions and addresses concerns you may have. If I don’t know the answer I will help you find out.

At each visit, together we determine how I can best support your family that day. Flexibility and responsiveness to your family’s changing needs means that you get exactly the type of support and help you need, exactly when you need it! You may have a “to-do” list prepared for my arrival, or together we identify what type of support would be most useful now. What that means, is that when I leave at the end of my shift, you are less stressed, and are comforted in knowing that all the details and urgent demands have been taken care of.

I have special skills and training in:

  • Cesarean recovery
  • Postpartum depression and anxiety
  • Multiples
  • Newborns
  • Breastfeeding
  • Exclusively pumping
  • Paced bottle feedings

“Amy is so knowledgeable, flexible, and respectful of what works best for us. I feel so lucky to have found her!” –Holly

Details and Investment

  • My hourly rate is $32, daytime rate.  Overnight rate is $40 an hr.
  • Shifts can be scheduled 24 hours which means you get the help you want when you want it!
  • There is a three hour shift minimum
  • Customized packages can be designed with your needs in mind
  • Overnight postpartum support is available (currently booking for November 2020)
  • Best if you purchase early to avoid me not having space

Still curious about the benefits of a postpartum doula and how I can help you?  You will find this article helpful.

Are you ready to take the next steps and receive the support and care your family need?

Contact me to start the process off and know that you will be taken care of by an expert during those early days and weeks after bringing home a new baby.

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