TENS rental

Embrace Doula is now renting TENS units for families to use during their pregnancy and labour.

TENS is a safe and effective means of combating pain during the process of childbirth. It works by sending comfortable, gentle pulses to the nerves through four electrode pads placed on the skin. It utilizes the Gate Theory of Pain Control by gently stimulating your sensory nerves to suppress or block the pain signal to the brain. When these pain signals are blocked, it becomes more difficult for the brain to register the sensation of pain (or it opts for the more pleasant pulsing sensation).

Endorphins (often referred to as the body’s natural opiates) are produced naturally by the body to manage pain. High endorphin levels can make you feel alert, attentive, and even euphoric after birth, as you begin to get to know and care for your baby. In this early, postpartum period, endorphins and the hormone oxytocin are believed to play a role in strengthening the mother-infant relationship. TENS can promote the release of endorphins through a comfortable tapping sensation that results in pain relief even after the unit is turned off.

The Elle TENS has two main settings: burst and boost. During a space between labour contractions, the machine should be left on “burst”. When a contraction begins, simply press the boost button on the side of the unit for a surge of extra power for pain relief. After the contraction ends, simply press the same button again to return back to the “burst” setting.

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Rental Details

TENS Rental, Delivery and Pick-up Available                    $75.00

TENS Rental, You Pick-up/Drop-off                                    $60.00

Extra Electrode Pads                                                                $15.00

A non-refundable deposit of $20 is due upon booking and it will be deducted from the TENS rental fee.

The remaining balance will be due upon receipt of the TENS unit.

Please choose a method of payment:

  • E-Transfer to amy@embracedoula.ca
  • Cheque or cash (will be picked up or send in the mail)